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Fight Back Against Spammers

Fight Back Against Spammers

´╗┐WWW Robots (also called wanderers, spiders, crawlers, or bots) are programs that crawl the Web continually retrieving linked pages. When a spammer's bot visits your website, blog, forum, etc, all pages and sites linked to it will be searched looking for email addresses.

Now you can fight back against their robots!

All you have to do is link to this page so that whenever a spammer's robot scans your page, it will be sucked into this one. To link to this page, just use this simple code:

Text : Fight Spam! Click Here!

<a href="">Fight Spam! Click Here!</a>

Blog Sticker :

<a href=""><img src= "" border="0" width="80" height="15"/></a>


These links will redirect email harvesting bots to trap sites that will feed it with an almost infinite loop of dynamically generated fake email addresses, mostly on known spammer owned domains! This will render their harvested lists practically useless and of no commercial value.



Latest IPs entrapped sending SPAM
to harvested email addresses

Updated: Sat Oct 1 17:00:03 2016 UTC
 AS22927 Telefonica de Argentina
 AS4134 Chinanet
 AS10481 Prima S.A.
 AS4134 Chinanet
16:18:00Korea, Republic
 AS4766 Korea Telecom
 AS17676 Softbank BB Corp.
 AS1680 013 NetVision Ltd.
 AS3462 Data Communication Business Group
 AS36137 Avante Hosting Services Inc.
 AS43260 DGN
 AS4837 CNCGROUP China169 Backbone
 AS7303 Telecom Argentina S.A.
 AS18182 Sony Network Taiwan Limited
 AS17816 China Unicom IP network China169 Guangdong province
 AS4773 MobileOne Ltd. Mobile/Internet Service Provider Singapore
Entrapped today:



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